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I was lucky enough to land a job in tech with a Studio Art degree a few years after college in Greensboro, NC. I worked on Maitland-Smith's first eCommerce website, a University in the area as well as countless Mom & Pop businesses looking to the web to generate leads, sell projects, or attract customers. From there I worked with one of Austin's fastest-growing disruptive technology innovator - Kasasa - watching it grow from 33 to 303 employees, before moving on to a small business where I would gain more hands-on skillsets in the digital ecommerce landscape. That helped me land the position of eCommerce Solutions and Digital Marketing Manager. Throughout all my professional development, I've made time for creative side pursuits, some of which I will blog about. Balance is key, and I hope that is what my expertise can bring back to CEOs, Marketing Managers, Founders and the like, who are in the weeds and unable to stop and outline the big picture for longterm eCommerce growth.

what I can do for you

Diversification built into your roadmap

Idenityfing Sales Channels that make sense for your business

Customer Service solutions to increase good reviews and return customers

Bottlenecks: identification and solutions

Marketing, Sales & Operations Platforms that talk to each other

Partnerships with SME's providing SaaS tools

Reporting on KPIs that make sense for your business